Install Istio on West cluster

Install Istio on the remote cluster

This installation will be different as this cluster will be a remote. In a remote cluster, it won’t be an Istio control plane. Istio will install some resources that allows the primary control plane to configure the workloads in the remote cluster like injecting the sidecars and configuring the low level routing.

kubectl create namespace istio-system --context $CLUSTER_WEST

kubectl create secret generic cacerts -n istio-system --context $CLUSTER_WEST \
      --from-file=certs/$CLUSTER_WEST/ca-cert.pem \
      --from-file=certs/$CLUSTER_WEST/ca-key.pem \
      --from-file=certs/$CLUSTER_WEST/root-cert.pem \

kubectl --context=$CLUSTER_WEST annotate namespace istio-system$CLUSTER_EAST
kubectl --context=$CLUSTER_WEST label namespace istio-system

cat <<EOF > $CLUSTER_WEST.yaml
kind: IstioOperator
  profile: remote
      injectionPath: /inject/cluster/$CLUSTER_WEST/net/network2
      remotePilotAddress: ${DISCOVERY_ADDRESS}

istioctl install -y --context=$CLUSTER_WEST -f $CLUSTER_WEST.yaml

We will also install a Prometheus instance on the remote. We will federate both Prometheus, with the east’s one being the place where all metrics will be gathered together:

kubectl apply -f $ISTIO_DIR/samples/addons/prometheus.yaml --context $CLUSTER_WEST

An important step is to create a secret on east cluster allowing it to fetch information of the remote cluster:

istioctl x create-remote-secret \
    --context=$CLUSTER_WEST \
    --name=$CLUSTER_WEST | \
    kubectl apply -f - --context=$CLUSTER_EAST

Finally, we create the east-west gateway

$ISTIO_DIR/samples/multicluster/ \
    --mesh mesh1 --cluster $CLUSTER_WEST --network network2 | \
    istioctl --context=$CLUSTER_WEST install -y -f -

Prometheus federation

Kiali requires unified metrics from a single Prometheus endpoint for all clusters, even in a multi-cluster environment. In this tutorial, we will federate the two Prometheus instances, meaning that all the remote’s metrics should be fetched by the main Prometheus.

We will configure east’s Prometheus to fetch west’s metrics:

kubectl patch svc prometheus -n istio-system --context $CLUSTER_WEST -p "{\"spec\": {\"type\": \"LoadBalancer\"}}"

WEST_PROMETHEUS_ADDRESS=$(kubectl --context=$CLUSTER_WEST -n istio-system get svc prometheus -o jsonpath='{.status.loadBalancer.ingress[0].ip}')

curl -L -o prometheus.yaml


kubectl --context=$CLUSTER_EAST apply -f prometheus.yaml -n istio-system
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